Considering LED Lights? Inspect Your Poles First

Considering LED Lights? Inspect Your Poles First

There are many benefits to LED lights, like longer service life and greater efficiency. (Want to learn more? Read our post on the environmental benefits of LEDs.)

But before you make the decision to retrofit your lighting, you should understand the concerns around pole failure.

The Causes

Pole failure following an LED upgrade happens for two reasons: either 1) the pole was in poor condition prior to the change or 2) it wasn’t designed to handle the weight and/or configuration of the new fixtures. When a pole falls, it has the potential to cause serious injuries and major property damage.

Inspections Can Help

Set up a pole maintenance schedule that includes regular inspections. We suggest checking your poles quarterly. Here are a few details to watch for:

• Look carefully for rust, corrosion and dents.
• Inspect the brackets, arms, luminaires and welds for any signs of metal fatigue.
• Ensure the hand hole, base and nut covers are securely attached
• Make sure all anchor bolt nuts are in place and tightened.
• Check for signs of vibration, like humming, visual movement or loosened attachments.

For more information about pole inspections, click here to view Pole Maintenance and Inspection.

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