The Benefits of Leveraging PoleVault™

We’re proud to be your partners in light pole manufacturing. And we want to make sure you have all the resources you As your light pole manufacturer, we want to ensure that you have the information you need to properly…


CSA-Listed: What It Means and How It’s Different

Canadian Standards Association (CSA) International is a group that certifies electrical and mechanical products, and other products that carry a high amount of user risk. CSA tests according to Canadian or U.S. standards, as well as the standards of Underwriters’…


ULS Accessories: Know Your Options

Light pole add-ons improve your poles’ aesthetics and help them function properly. Here’s an overview of the accessories we can provide for your United Lighting Standards poles. ABS Base Covers -These composite enclosures use push pins and a two-piece design…


Finding the Perfect Color for Your Light Poles

First Thing’s First: The Finish You may already know that every United Lighting Standards light pole is protected by our thermosetting polyester powder coating process. The full finishing process varies depending on which warranty you’ve selected, but at minimum, all…


3 Steps to Touching Up Your Light Poles

Good news: your United Lighting Standards poles are protected by a standard three-year finish warranty — with the option to extend this to five or ten years. This means you can count on us to back the finish of our…


Inspecting Your Light Pole Shipment is Critical

So, your United Lighting Standards light pole order has arrived. Great! Here are a few important steps to follow during and immediately following receipt of your shipment. Inspect Your Poles Before you sign off on that delivery, it’s important to…


Installing Your New Light Poles

So, you’ve placed an order for new light poles. First step, done! Now, it’s time to plan the installation. Whether you’re working with embedded or anchored poles, keep in mind that the soil will vary for each project site. So,…


Why Composite Poles Are a Better Option in Storm Zones

Each year, storms in the U.S. cause $18-33 billion in damage. A significant amount of that cost is allocated to repairing or replacing fallen wooden utility poles. When light poles fall, they can cause power outages, damage vehicles and buildings,…


What Hardware is Included with Your Poles?

So, you’ve ordered your new light poles – hooray! To help you plan for the assembly and installation, here’s a breakdown of the hardware that comes with the poles. Small Pieces Pole Caps. All side-mounted poles (those with mounting provisions…


How Culture is Transforming Manufacturing

Gallup reports that overall, 36% of employed Americans(1) are engaged by their work, while only 25% of manufacturing workers are engaged.(2) That makes manufacturing the least engaged job classification in the U.S. And with that lack of focus and interest…

About Us

United Lighting Standards has been committed to designing, fabricating, finishing, and packaging high-quality steel and aluminum poles since 1971. We adhere to standards set forth by AASHTO, ASTM International, and NEMA. All of our products are built using fabricating and welding procedures outlined in the American Welding Society (AWS) manual for steel and aluminum to eliminate welding defects and ensure structural integrity.

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