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Vibration Control

Vibration control may play a vital role in your business. Our vibration dampener is used to minimize the effects of wind-induced Aeolian Vibration. When this type of vibration is identified (it is site specific and unforeseeable), a dampening system is used to mitigate the stress effects.

The vibration dampening system consists of a length of chain encased in a plastic tube that runs approximately two-thirds the length of the pole. This piece disturbs the harmonic cycling of the shaft (Aeolian vibrations) by touching the inside surface of the pole in a random and spiral manner. The wind-induced agitation of the pole is then transferred to the tube and chain. The natural vibration frequency of the chain is out of phase with the natural frequencies of the pole. This condition — coupled with the energy-absorbing characteristics of the dampener — usually provides effective mitigation of the vibration effects.

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Installation Procedure

Caution: Before installation, an authorized electrician should inspect the structure(s) to ensure the wiring and electrical components will allow for easy insertion of the dampening system. Items such as terminal blocks or fuse assemblies may require temporary removal.

Step 1

Insert square cut (lead end ) of the plastic tube through the hand hole and snake up the pole. The lower end is positioned and held captive on the edge of the hand hole by the notch in the tube. Do not kink the plastic tube.

Step 2

When the dampener assembly is pushed through the hand hole, it will slip down inside the pole to contact the pole foundation. It is essential that the dampener does not crush or damage the electrical wiring in the pole This can be readily accomplished by ensuring the lower end of the assembly slides down the pole, tight to one side.

Step 3

Electrical inspection is again required to check the system and verify safe operation.

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