Enhancing Aesthetics with Base Covers

Enhancing Aesthetics with Base Covers

Considering steel light poles for your next project? They’re a great option when you need a sturdy pole that can support fixtures, banners, brackets, and other accessories. But their ugly anchor bolts can interfere with your pole’s aesthetic.

Luckily, base covers are meant to hide anchor bolts and create a clean, uniform look across multiple light poles.

Types of Base Covers

At United Lighting Standards, we offer two types of base covers – ABS composite and custom steel. Both are designed to withstand the same environments as our poles.

Our ABS composite enclosures use push pins to connect the two-piece design to conceal the base plate and anchor bolts. Available colors include white, silver, cardinal silver, medium bronze, dark bronze, harvest brown, and black. These base covers come standard with purchase of poles in these finishes.

Our custom steel base covers are made from sheet metal and can be built to meet any size base plate. This option comes standard with some larger size poles and poles with a modified base plate. And we powder coat our custom covers to match the pole. This means you’ll enjoy a superior finish with more colors to choose from. Click here for details on powder coating.

But What About Corrosion?

Like any steel product, base covers can corrode over time — ABS covers may fade, steel covers may rust, and both can be damaged by impact. The good news is that base cover corrosion doesn’t compromise the pole’s integrity. Plus, you can easily replace a corroded or damaged cover. Just let us know what size and color pole for which you are looking for a replacement cover.

Regardless of the type of base cover, it’s important to conduct regular inspections of your light poles to identify corrosion early and fix minor problems before they grow into hazardous situations. You can learn more in this post, The Importance of Regular Light Pole Inspections.

Ready to order new base covers? We’ll be happy to help.

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