Let’s Work Together: Creating a Complete Light Pole Order

Let’s Work Together: Creating a Complete Light Pole Order

Submitting an incomplete order can lead to expensive errors and major setbacks in fulfillment. So, when ordering new light poles, review this helpful guide.

Details We Need to Process Your Light Pole Order

  • A complete distributor PO: Please include accurate pricing and product information. You can find the most up-to-date pricing for each order on PoleVault.
  • Pole-top information
    ·  For a drilled top, please provide the fixture orientation (in relation to the hand hole, which is at 00) and drill template
    ·  If you need a tenon top, please provide the tenon size
    ·  If no drilling or tenon is needed, denote “cap only”
  • Options and accessories
    ·  Location of where on the pole (height above the base) the item should be located
    ·  Desired orientation in relation to hand hole, which is at 00
  • Finish
    ·  Color (one of our 17 standard colors, RAL or a custom color match)
    ·  Other specifications (galvanized, paint-over-galvanized finish, etc.)

Note1: If you’re ordering a non-standard or custom pole design, we may request that you sign engineering drawings before your order is released to production for scheduling and assignment of an Estimated Ship Date (ESD).

Note2: If your light poles need to be UL or CSA Listed, please mark that in the part number.

Once we have all the details above, we’ll confirm that we’ve received your order and provide an ESD within 3 working days.

Information Required for Your Light Pole Order to Ship as Planned

  • Complete delivery details
    ·  Minimum timeframe requirements for calling ahead of delivery
    ·  Contact name and phone number for coordinating delivery at the job site
    ·  A deliverable address with the building number (if applicable)
  • Billing information
    ·  If we’re billing a third party, please provide the billing account number and zip code

Helpful Resources

  1. Visit PoleVault to access our comprehensive ordering guide, order release checklist, customer credit applications and other documents in the Ordering Tools & Resources folder in the Documents section. It is here that you can also find and download forms to request custom color matches and wind load calculations.
  2. Browse our Pole Info Center for answers to frequently asked questions, our ordering logic, shipping and handling details, and more.
  3. Want a handy cheat sheet to help you remember the info above? Download our Order Release Checklist.
  4. Contact our Project Management team with any questions:
    ·  Call our P.O.L.E. (Pole Ordering Live Experience) phone line at 586-774-5650 and select Option 1 for Project Management
    ·  Email orders@unitedlightingstandards.com

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