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  • Location is critical for wind zone calculations and freight cost.
  • Pricing is based on pole material i.e. steel, aluminum, fiberglass.
  • Price will be determined through the height and shaft type (straight square, round tapered, hinged, etc...)
  • The fixture and its EPA can change the engineering and/or type of pole depending on its wind zone.
  • There are two types of bases: anchor base (AB) and embedded (EMB) (also known as direct burial). If AB, are there existing anchor bolts? If so, what is the bolt circle?
  • Price can very from standard to custom colors as well as the type of finish (powder coat, galvanized, etc...)
  • Standard options and accessories with pricing can be found on page 28 of our Standard Product Guide, which can be found on PoleVault™
  • Brackets will add EPA to a pole. Standard brackets with pricing can be found on page 34 of our Standard Product Guide, which can be found on PoleVault™
  • Drop files here or

About Us

United Lighting Standards has been committed to designing, fabricating, finishing, and packaging high-quality steel and aluminum poles since 1971. We adhere to standards set forth by AASHTO, ASTM International, and NEMA. All of our products are built using fabricating and welding procedures outlined in the American Welding Society (AWS) manual for steel and aluminum to eliminate welding defects and ensure structural integrity.

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