5 Major Benefits of Composite Light Poles

5 Major Benefits of Composite Light Poles

1. Long Lifespans

On average, the service life of a composite pole is 60-70 years. That’s much longer than steel, aluminum and wood poles.

2. Lightweight

Composite poles are constructed of filament-wound fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) composite. This lightweight material makes them easy to store, transport and maneuver. In many cases, they can be installed by a small crew of 2 or 3 people. No heavy machinery required.

3. Eco-friendly

To protect wood light poles from insects like termites and beetles, manufacturers often coat the poles in chemicals, which can seep into the ground and drinking water over time. As a result, wood poles must be stored and treated as hazardous.

Composite poles are unattractive to wildlife, so they don’t require chemical treatments — keeping your team and our environment safe.

4. Resistant to High Winds

Since composite poles are made with a filament winding process, it’s easy to make tweaks during manufacturing to ensure those poles meet specific strength requirements.

Composite poles can withstand high winds up to 180 mph, which means not even hurricanes can knock them down.

5. High Durability and Low Maintenance

Composite poles never rust. They’re also fire-proof and resistant to road salt, fertilizer, acid rain, saltwater, UV rays, insects and woodpeckers. This makes them perfect for any location, from coastlines to high-traffic pedestrian sites to rural areas without road access. And since composite poles are so durable, they require minimal maintenance.

Five major benefits that leave you enjoying substantial cost savings on pole installation, repairs and replacements when you choose composite light poles.

Start shopping for your new composite poles today. And if you have questions or you’re ready to place an order, let us know.

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