A New Industry Forum for Lighting Professionals

A New Industry Forum for Lighting Professionals

If you’re an independent lighting agent, consider joining the American Association of Independent Lighting Agents (AAILA).

It’s a member-led industry forum that strengthens the capabilities of independent agents and connects them to lighting and controls manufacturers.

Our parent company, DWM Holdings, is a founding member.

Membership Benefits

Webinars – AAILA’s webinars cover a variety of topics, from the basic responsibilities of a lighting agent to best practices for selling different products.

Networking opportunities – Exclusive events are hosted throughout the year to bring members together. See which events are coming up next.

Surveys – Members get exclusive access to the results of independent benchmark surveys designed to uncover improvement opportunities in the light pole manufacturing and selling processes. The surveys are sent to manufacturers, agents, customers and influencers.

Discounts – Business, employee and personal discounts are available through National Purchasing Partners. Many companies participate in this program, such as Verizon, Office Depot, HP and American Express.

Volunteer Opportunities – Members are welcome to volunteer for AAILA’s board of directors and committees.

There are many other benefits of joining, too. Your agency will be listed on AAILA’s website. You can see manufacturers that are also members. And you’ll stay up to date on the latest industry news.

Learn more with these resources:

Are you interested in joining AAILA? Let us know!

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