Let’s Talk About Sports Light Poles

Need to illuminate a playing field, tennis or basketball courts, an ice rink, or maybe a parking lot for those types of facilities? Sports light poles are the way to go. Here are some of the basics you’ll need to…


Shedding Some Light on Catenary Poles

What Is Catenary Lighting and How Does It Work with a Pole? Catenary pendants are decorative lights hung on a specially designed cable strung between two structures, such as poles. Depending on the setting and the desired amount of light,…


What You Need to Know About Fiberglass Poles

How Fiberglass Poles Are Made At United Lighting Standards, we supply filament-wound, fiberglass poles made with computer-controlled equipment. Since this production process allows for precise control of the glass, fiber, and resin required to create the poles, we are able…


The Best Pole Finish for Preventing Damage and Maintaining Appearance

What is the best? To the average soul, the word “best” might be associated with the type of pizza he’d happily eat every day for a week, or a specific brand of jeans she insists on buying every time, no…


Making the World a “Smarter” Place, One Streetlight at a Time

It used to be that going out at night wasn’t a safe idea. But then, streetlights were invented. They truly revolutionized the way people traveled, socialized, and conducted business. Light poles continue to transform the world with “smart” technology. Making…


The Importance of Regular Light Pole Inspections

In many areas of the country, light poles are subjected to rain, snow, sleet, and ice build-up. As a result, the poles can rust and corrode over time. If damage is left unchecked, light poles can eventually fail and fall…


The Effects of Wind-Induced Vibrations on Steel and Aluminum Light Poles

When choosing light poles, it’s important to consider the environmental factor of wind-induced vibrations, which can severely damage both steel and aluminum poles. However, if you plan properly, you can limit — or even eliminate — the need for repairs…


Steel vs. Aluminum – A Quick Analysis

When it’s time to choose a light pole, you have two choices of material: steel or aluminum. Think about the needs of your project. Which is better for your budget? Is aesthetics important? Are there harsh weather conditions to consider?…


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