Why Composite Poles Are a Better Option in Storm Zones

Each year, storms in the U.S. cause $18-33 billion in damage. A significant amount of that cost is allocated to repairing or replacing fallen wooden utility poles. When light poles fall, they can cause power outages, damage vehicles and buildings,…


What Hardware is Included with Your Poles?

So, you’ve ordered your new light poles – hooray! To help you plan for the assembly and installation, here’s a breakdown of the hardware that comes with the poles. Small Pieces Pole Caps. All side-mounted poles (those with mounting provisions…


How Culture is Transforming Manufacturing

Gallup reports that overall, 36% of employed Americans(1) are engaged by their work, while only 25% of manufacturing workers are engaged.(2) That makes manufacturing the least engaged job classification in the U.S. And with that lack of focus and interest…


Explaining UL-Listed Light Poles

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent research organization that uses exacting scientific processes to help companies create safer, more sustainable products that comply with city regulations. UL’s services include testing, inspection and certification, training and risk management. If you see…


How the Steel Market is Impacting Light Pole Orders

What’s Happening in the Steel Market? When COVID-19 caused America to shut down in early 2020, the demand for steel products decreased. Then, from March to August of 2020, demand remained relatively stable. As local markets across the U.S. have…


Enhancing Aesthetics with Base Covers

Considering steel light poles for your next project? They’re a great option when you need a sturdy pole that can support fixtures, banners, brackets, and other accessories. But their ugly anchor bolts can interfere with your pole’s aesthetic. Luckily, base…


The Choice Between Powder Coat and Anodized Finish Have You Spinning?

Recently, a partner asked if we would apply an anodized finish to aluminum light poles that will be installed in Hawaii. We responded that, while anodized coatings offer some protection, we believe powder coat finishes are far superior. Here’s why:…


Keeping Your Aluminum Poles Blemish-Free

What should you do if you find stains and scratches on your aluminum pole? Let’s break down the common causes and their solutions. The Causes Many elements can cause stains on an aluminum pole, including natural debris (like dirt and…


Considering LED Lights? Inspect Your Poles First

There are many benefits to LED lights, like longer service life and greater efficiency. (Want to learn more? Read our post on the environmental benefits of LEDs.) But before you make the decision to retrofit your lighting, you should understand…


The Shipping Process: What You Should Know

Light poles are large, awkward objects to ship. And some carriers don’t move poles very often. These truths can lead to damage and complications. Luckily, the team at United Lighting Standards has perfected the process of packing, shipping and coordinating…

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