Universal Fixture Mount

Square straight steel poles, both 4″ and 5″, with our standard dark bronze powder coat finish may be supplied with our patented universal fixture mount. The pole will come with either the side-mount fixture application or the tenon mount. All other finishes and all 6″ square straight steel poles are direct drilled or have tenons welded on top.

Universal Fixture Side MountSide-Mount Application

An adapter plate has been welded into the top of the pole. To mount the universal fitter, screw the four (4) studs into the threaded receivers mounted in the pole top plate. Next, line up the universal fitter over the studs, making sure the fixture mounting holes are located in the proper direction for the desired lighting. Screw on the hex nylon insert nuts and seat firmly, according to the instruction sheet provided.

Universal Fixture Tenon MountTenon-Mount Application

An adapter plate has been welded into the top of the pole. Mount the tenon adapter plate to the pole top by threading the four (4) hex head bolts into the threaded inserts in the pole top adapter plate.

Base Plate Cover

A full base cover is supplied. The base cover is made of automotive structural grade ABS plastic with a UV inhibitor to eliminate color fading. It is rust proof and tamper resistant.

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Product Line

  • PTA-4SQ-T2
  • PTA-5SQ-T2
Catalog NumberPole SizeFixture ApplicationDrill Mount OptionsFixturesCutsheetTemplate
PTA-4SQ-DXX4" SquareDrill MountXX=D11View
XX=D22 at 90 or 180
PTA-4SQ-T24" SquareTenon MountView
PTA-5SQ-DXX5" SquareDrill MountXX=D11View
XX=D22 at 90 or 180
PTA-5SQ-T25" SquareTenon MountView

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